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CuraMaker Metabolic Analytics Platform

Food MAP

Food MAP

Directions to a functional food plan

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The Food MAP programme is a 14-day programme, designed to provide personalised insights, on the cause and effect of foods consumed.

We will contact you to arrange an appointment upon purchase.

By purchasing and enrolling in the programme, you agree to the additional terms for the Food MAP programme.

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  • Reducing bad fats

    Understanding what you can and cannot eat will allow you to manage your weight and lose bad fats without needing to go on extreme diets.

  • Boosting and optimizing energy

    Efficient control of sugar intakes enables you to flatten sugar spikes while still allowing for gradual release of energy to feel great throughout the day.

  • Staying healthy

    Exercise and diet both play a part in staying healthy! Did you know that diet plays a majority portion of the equation? Eat smart and well to strengthen overall wellbeing.

I've been watching my diet , consuming less sugar and monitoring my fat loss. Started with 99.5cm and now with 93cm in waist circumference.

~ Mr. Yim

My colleagues have lost weight and feel very happy. The CuraMaker team have done a wonderful job helping people live a healthy and happy life.

~ Mr. Toh

Great advice and insight. I'm learning a lot now. I like that you called out that alcohol is a toxin, hence the body shuts down all carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism to process the toxin first. We all need to be more mindful of what we take in.

~ Mr. Chong

Thank you for helping me along this journey to better health. Will continue with another round of the program.

~ Ms Sandra

I thought the program was quite helpful because it forced me to be mindful of what I ate and how much I exercised and how much all of that could be used to predict my weight if I continue with the program

~ Mark

I am no longer obsessed with getting thin. I am now genuinely interested in caring for my body so that I can live healthily as I age.

~ Kate

I have successfully lost 4 kg and 4 inches over 8 weeks. The program has made me become more aware of what I can eat and the steps to take towards better health outcomes.

~ Ms Chan

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Eat, exercise and live smartly

With daily updates you can understand how your previous days are going and improve on the present and future.

Learn more about the foods that affect your blood glucose levels and how your body utilizes energy when exercising to better optimize your meals and routines.

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Personalize your meals to improve overall wellbeing

At the end of the program, you will learn about foods that you can and cannot eat (or reduce!).

Get your personalized recommendations driven by data and curated by our in-house experts to enable you to eat what's functionally right for your wellbeing.

  • Detailed analysis on the foods you have eaten

    Everything that you have consumed during the course of the program will be analyzed in detailed. You will receive a thorough report on what foods have impacted you positively and negatively.

  • Food and portion recommendations

    Given the data recorded throughout the program, you will receive a summarized recommendation of the serving sizes and foods that you should eat and those that you should avoid.

  • Guide and suggestions from our in-house experts

    Get your personalized "map" annotated and curated by our experts! This will point you to the right directions for your diet and food lifestyle.

Watch the Food MAP app in action

An optimal diet is vital in preventing the onset of chronic diseases

Here at CuraMaker, we are all about managing metabolic health. This in turn helps in preventing illnesses and allow for overall better wellbeing and quality of life. Find out more about metabolic health and syndromes and why we are so concerned about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the CuraMaker Programme?

The CuraMaker Programme is essentially a 14-day programme, sectioned into two phases (first 7 days and final 7 days), designed for ease and simplicity.

How soon will I see results?

Results seen depends on the health, wellness and/or fitness goals you set for yourself. The feedback from our previous users indicates positive observations within 2 to 5 weeks.

Can I talk to the CuraMaker team about my special condition?

For special conditions related to health, we recommend that you speak to a medical professional at our partner Royal Healthcare Medical.

Is there a medical consult process involved?

Typically, users do not require a medical consult. However, if you wish to do so, please contact us first before purchasing.