Our Founders

Co-founder and Director

Dr Chong Yeh Woei

Dr Chong's commitment to healthcare is readily observed in the myriad roles he has served as a medical professional. He sees it as his personal mission to improve healthcare management and advancing health technology and awareness for the next generation.

Co-founder and Director

Wong Kien Haw

An avid gym-goer and pursuer of a higher quality of health and life; Kien feels a sense of purpose in taking action to address the misconceptions about health management.

  • Siti Ruba’ah

    Head, Business Development

    Passionate about affordable healthcare, mindset shifts in health management and health tech.

  • Lee Qixian

    Lead, Technology

    Breathes tech and believes that tech can complement and improve health and lifestyle.

We all believe in metabolic health and so should you

Managing your metabolic health will allow you to improve your overall well-being and quality of life. We have embarked on a journey to provide the knowledge and tools to allow everyone to manage their metabolic health efficiently and effectively.