Metabolic health is the key to a better you

After years of pursuing and researching on maintaining a higher quality of health and life, we found out that metabolic health is vital in affecting one's overall well-being and risk of developing chronic diseases.

It isn't just food and diet. It is about understanding what your body needs, how it works and how best to optimize it through your lifestyle and habits.

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  • Education

    Here at CuraMaker we want everyone to understand the importance and consequences of managing one's metabolic health. We believe that knowledge will push people to start caring and continue to strive for better health.

  • Food, diet and nutrition

    Food and diet are part and parcel of every day life. Be it eating for survival or genuinely enjoying food (like us!), the proper nutrients will allow for a healthier body and mind.

  • Physical activities

    There is no running away from exercise. Your body needs to move (at least a little!) to keep those muscles alert and working. Physical activities will also allow you to better process the nutrients that you need from the food that you eat.

  • Personal understanding

    Your life is uniquely yours, so is your body. Understanding how your body works is vital to efficiently and effectively manage it. Not everyone reacts to food and exercise the same way! We want to help you learn more about yourself and how to best manage it.

We are constantly researching and developing new technologies and products to help manage metabolic health

Complementary to your nutrition


It is hard to get the right amount of nutrients just from your daily meals. ESSENTIAL gummies are developed to provide the energy boost your mind needs while promoting long lasting health benefits.

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Understanding your diet

Food MAP

A program designed to allow you better understand what diet and foods is best for your body.

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