What’s the best diet I should follow?

The answer is ‘the diet that your body tells you to follow’.

That’s right. Your body has a specific and personalised response to the food you eat, which is as unique as a thumbprint.

Whether you are looking to lose some weight, manage your dietary lifestyle, prevent chronic disease onset or increase your fitness performance, your body’s Blood Glucose Variance (GV) is the key.

Blood GV is the measure of the ‘ups and downs’ or ‘swings’ in our blood glucose levels. Frequent or large ‘swings’ may be an indication of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular related issues, cancer etc. 

Blood GV has also been observed to mirror the release of insulin, which then triggers fat deposits (known as visceral fat) in our bellies. Although a small amount of visceral fat is important for our overall health, it’s the excess visceral fats that can pose serious health risks.

The great news is that there is an easy and almost effortless way, to track and measure how the food we eat influences our blood glucose variance, with CuraMaker’s app (powered by a metabolic analytics platform) together with Abbott’s Continuous Glucose Monitor System (CGMS).