What’s the best time of day to exercise for maximum benefit?

Let’s face it, not many of us can proclaim we exercise regularly out of pure love for it. More often than not, we workout because we want to keep our body in shape, health in check, cardio fitness on point, or for many other personal reasons. Consider this. Since we have our own personal reasons…Read More

The perennial search for the right weight loss diet

Was one of your new year’s resolution for 2021 to lose weight? Somehow weight loss manages to always find its way on to our resolution list – year in, and year out. Most of us who make this resolution seem to meet with infrequent success. There is a smorgasbord of weight loss diets out there…Read More

Meet Subcutaneous and Visceral – the two Different Types of Belly Fat​

Most of us commonly refer to belly fat with one plural term – fats. Though we often say ‘fats’, we don’t discern between different types of fats in our belly. However, it is important to distinguish between subcutaneous and visceral fat, as each have specific effects on one’s well-being. So, what is the difference between…Read More