Our 5-5-4 programme is a 14-day programme, designed to provide personalised insights, on the cause and effect of foods consumed.

In the first 5 days, you eat like you usually eat, record your food intake and fitness activities on your CuraMaker app, and scan your Abbott Freestyle Libre sensor. Simple right?


The metabolic analytics platform (MAP) powering the CuraMaker app takes care of the analysis of what you record on the app, as well as the data from your Abbott Freestyle Libre sensor. During the first 5 days, CuraMaker’s MAP is essentially learning about your current dietary lifestyle.

Days 1 - 5
Days 6 - 10

At the close of day 5, you will find out which are the top 5 foods that are not so good for you, when you access the 5-day snapshot report on your CuraMaker app. Now that you have clear data on the foods which negatively affects your blood glucose variance (GV), you can make an informed decision to either eliminate them from your daily diet, or consume them conservatively. Starting from day 6, you are encouraged to start making adjustments to your food consumption (ie. eating foods which will not raise your blood glucose levels by more than 50%).

It’s day 10, and CuraMaker’s MAP has analysed your blood GV based on the adjustments you made to your food consumption in the last 5 days. Perhaps you have already noticed a difference in your waist circumference, or maybe an uptick in energy? Know for sure the level of improvement in your blood GV, and the top 5 foods/meals which your blood GV responds to positively, when you review the reports on your CuraMaker app.


What did the 10-day snapshot report reveal? Let the report insights guide you in making the most of your last 4 days of the programme, and refine or tweak your food consumption patterns to further improve your blood GV. From day 11 on, you are encouraged to consume foods which do not raise your blood glucose level by more than 30%.

Day 10 onwards
Day 14!

Check in on the 14-day snapshot report on your CuraMaker for actionable insights. You now know what you can eat. It’s time to take what you have learned over the 14 days to action, and move forward with a sustainable dietary lifestyle that supports your health and fitness goals.

Of course, your journey with CuraMaker does not have to end here at day 14. Should you wish to explore how you can further optimise your health and fitness, you can choose to :

  1. Continue your subscription to the CuraMaker app to help you track weight loss and waist circumference reduction metrics, or
  2. Take another 14-day journey, and gain deeper insights on your body’s response to your new dietary lifestyle, or other foods/meals. We have seen our beta-users extend their CuraMaker programme for another 14 days!